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DROYO is a Smartphone controlled robot with its head on cloud (80% of the head!) ,simply 80% its brain is formed by a group of computers on network/internet, ie; poweful remote computer(s) thinks for Droyo which has a better perfomance than traditional Inbuilt-Head Model, DROYO Can be controlled any where from the world (exception if internet is unavailable at least for your mobile!). This is done as a part of B.E.Computer Science and Engineering Curriculum Project. ഒരു കേരള നിര്‍മിത റോബോട്ട് . Project Team (all from KERALA, India) Includes: Syan S.P, Akhil Dev L.S, Jibi Chandran, Jineesh A.S Like Droyo Project ? See Video by clicking Continue Reading Below Pre-Book Droyo Now Droyo Robot Pre-Book Now !


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Droyo Robot

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